April 6, 2018

[The Lees Update] Newsletter (April 2018)

Fruits Around The World

Thanks to your ongoing prayers and giving that our partnership bore another fruit of producing 106 seasoned gospel workers, both male and female, getting commissioned back to 16 different countries. Many of them are heading toward the world areas where the freedom of gospel sharing and Christian activities is not granted. Our hearts overflow with prayer and compassion as they are sent off at the IGSL’s 32nd graduation ceremony.

I sensed firsthand such feeling of danger as I recently made a very stressful (spiritually, psychologically, and physically) trip to C-nation to teach at EAPTC’s Bible training center in that restricted part of the world. All my moves were carefully planned not to leave any suspicion and bring about report to local authority. Since a new regulation on religious activities was reinforced, both the local EAPTC leaders and I had to exercise extra precaution to carry on the work. All in all, a modular drill for March program has been done, and we praise God for His protection and mercy. Also, thank you for your prayers all along!

One more news. EAPTC is launching a discipleship training and church planting in Vietnam! Two Vietnamese pastors have been dispatched for the work. Please uplift these seasoned Christian leaders in your prayers. Kindly understand that I didn’t deem it wise to reveal their identities here for their security purpose. Vietnam is a socialistic nation where open details of such ministry information are discouraged in public domains. As you can see, many of our works in Asia are taking place in the gospel-restricted countries. It is rather distinctive from our previous works in Africa. We need to pray for the national leaders who are serving the Lord under constant risks and often threats.

Another school year ended for Dynamic Learning Center, a cooperative school for IGSL students that caters to their children. 40 of them are going back as little ambassadors to their countries (many of which have hostile environments to gospel and Christians) as their parents recently finished their 2-3 year studies at IGSL. Pray that these children will also continue to grow in strong faith and represent Christ back in their non-Christian communities!

Eunice and I will be in Seoul and Washington DC area in the upcoming months of April and May. If you’re interested to hear more about what God is doing through EAPTC in Asia after Africa, we’ll be happy to meet you and share more about this exciting move of God around the world!