March 13, 2023

[The Lees Update] Newsletter (March 2023)

Dear Friend,

Manila, Philippines, is notorious for what I coin as the NTW challenge: Noise, Traffic, and Weather. As our life in the Philippines marks seven years in 2023, Eunice and I seem to experience exhaustion in our souls and bodies. It may be a sign of Elijah syndrome, we were lately told. Please pray that we strategically navigate our missional call and stay on the right course despite challenges. The Lord energized his servant when the prophet Elijah felt weary and lay under a broom tree. He reminded him of his mission, eventually leading him to meet Elisha, a faithful coworker. Furthermore, God reserved seven thousand whose knees have not bowed down to Baal (1 Kings 19:18). Truly, what energizes us during this time is that God has allowed us to meet faithful coworkers worldwide. As Elijah did, we feel comforted and encouraged when we meet, fellowship, and serve with them.

Through it all, God has been gracious to us in many ways. In January, I re-assumed my teaching ministry to a new group of seminary students joining from the Philippines, Nepal, India, and China. Those dynamic and passionate learners with diverse ministerial and cultural backgrounds bring much-needed discussions on their community transformation. I find it exhilarating to coach and guide these potential students with biblical principles and wisdom. Most of them are influencers who can lead others for a godly and positive impact on the Majority World nations where they came from. Many of them ministers in the areas of Asia that are hostile to Christian faith. I consider their ministry fruit as my ministry fruit, their success as my success. So should you. By standing with this mission, you’re investing the seeds of your prayer and giving. I believe this is fertile soil. Eunice is also heavily involved in her teaching ministry for the wives of seminarians. We pray that they, along with their spouses, will be trained and nurtured through the word to get further equipped to serve as more effective instruments in God’s church.

The upcoming ministry travel itinerary is set for multiple destinations on top of my regular teaching responsibilities. I'll be back in India in April to encourage our EAPTC coworkers there. I’ll be traveling to Cebu in May to check on the potential church plant. I’m scheduled to give training in June to pastoral ordination candidates in the Visayas archipelago. Kindly be in prayer with us as we understand the Lord’s mind and follow his leading in this uncharted age that appears to be entering the post-COVID era, even in this part of the world. We’re not trying to catch up with the "delayed" schedule due to the pandemic but are constantly gazing to discern the Lord’s move for this chapter of history.

Thank you for faithfully standing with us for the nations. We’re privileged to work with you on this missional journey. May our loving Lord warm your heart and draw you closer to him in this Lent season. Blessings to you, your family, and your loved ones, dear friend, as you follow Christ.

Cheerfully serving with you,
Dr. Paul Lee (& Eunice)