October 12, 2021

[The Lees Update] Newsletter (October 2021)

Dear Friend,

Greetings from the Philippines where people are still going through a dark tunnel of pandemic along with most parts of the world! Bloomberg scored the Philippines as the worst place to be during the pandemic among 53 countries in its recent Covid resilience ranking research. Up to this time, community lockdowns have been mandated around the country since March 2020. While the U.S. and few other countries may find the pandemic soon in their rear-view mirrors, most countries will still have to wrestle through its prolonged impact in the years to come.

Eunice and I appreciated your prayers as we headed to and fro the U.S. to look after my mother-in-law who went through brain surgery. With many fond memories cherished at home this time, including her healing and recovery, we were happy to return to the Philippines with an assurance that God’s grace is prevalent. God was with us even throughout the complicated international travels and quarantines posed by Covid.

Upon our return to the Philippines, we’ve been sensitively navigating through what God is doing during this global pandemic. For one, we’re back to an online teaching ministry in/from the Philippines and fully committed to it at this moment. International Graduate School of Leadership in Philippines began its 2021-2022 ministry training and has drawn new students from a dozen Asian countries again. Also, I began to partner with the online teaching ministry of Missional University to reach U.S. college students. Our teaching ministry, mostly online now due to health protocols in the nations, is currently equipping ministry students and trainees from various corners of the globe.

Besides, God has opened doors for us to serve international churches and ministries with online preaching/teaching. In September, I had the privilege to minister to the Asia/Oceania overseers and leaders of Christian and Missionary Alliance churches with a webinar on “Doing Missions in the Pandemic.” More ministry opportunities via virtual means await in the rest of 2021. Additionally, many mission board meetings, missionary society meetings, and personal mentoring sessions are virtually being held and occupying our schedules, often day and night because of different time zones represented. Eunice and I regularly connect with and mentor national leaders who serve in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Vietnam, India, South Korea, China, and Pakistan. We were heartbroken over the present Afghanistan situation where Christians were undergoing extreme persecution after the Taliban took over the government. Many fled the country. It was sheer joy to hear from our Pakistani IGSL graduates who just launched a relief aid mission outreach to Afghan refugees at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and looked after the needs of Afghan underground church members.

God’s mission is NOT halted. With your support and prayer, we’re moving on! Leaders you and I raise in the nations through our partnership are changing this world and making a difference for Christ. Thank you for standing with us.

Love and blessings,
Dr. Paul Lee (& Eunice)