July 7, 2018

[The Lees Update] Newsletter (July 2018)

May Your Kingdom Come On Earth

Eunice and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks through this page to each and everyone of you who blessed us with love and encouragement during our latest U.S. visit. It was a fresh confirmation that God’s mission still gets done through cooperation of both willing senders and willing goers. We’re grateful for those who are “sending” us with their prayers and finances, and consider it a privilege to “go” on their behalf!

Upon our return to Philippines, our field ministry continued, and I taught a block course at the Alliance Graduate School while it was a summer break of the International Graduate School of Leadership. It was joyous to serve a group of zealous mission mobilizers by sharing the concept and practice of biblical mission. I witnessed again that God is in the business of calling His people for His mission on earth “from everywhere, to everywhere, through everywhere” these days.

Afterwards, I participated in one of the Lausanne Movement consultations where 100+ evangelical mission leaders were drawn from 19 countries at the four corners of the globe. Each and every panel discussions on the diasporic world mission was filled with enthusiastic interactions from the international community of missiologists. My heart still recalls a magnitude of the Lord’s prayer, which I uttered together with Christian leaders representing various tribes, tongues and nations after celebrating the Lord’s Supper on the last day of this global-scale meeting. How awesome and grand presence of God I felt there! The heart of our God to see all the nations come to know His saving love through the cross of Calvary saturated my heart all over again with strong conviction that Jesus is indeed the way and life for this hurting world.

New school year began at IGSL in mid-June. Sixty eight vibrant intakes from 13 nations, including the very first ones from Mongolia, joined the IGSL student body. It is our prayer that they’ll be thoroughly equipped together with their families for the next several years as they go through holistic leadership training at IGSL.

Today, many of our EAPTC leaders and IGSL graduates share the gospel and serve their communities in challenging and dire environments throughout the world. Please pray for them. Eunice and I will especially appreciate your prayers for those who serve our Lord in the creative access nations of Africa and Asia where Christian activities are restricted and persecuted.