September 12, 2013

How to Experience God's Power: Price Presence Power - Paul Sungro Lee


During the week of prayer and fasting in 1993, the Lord Jesus impressed my heart with a word that has become my life mission statement; "Build Me the Church, which will bring millions into My presence, on the Word and power."

Afterwards, I began my study on the power of God by researching all the related materials in my personal library as well as numerous local and distant seminary libraries. Upon investigations I soon discovered a little had been written on the subject for nearly a century. Finally, I came to study on how individuals can experience power of the Almighty God released in their daily life, and thus I am glad to share with you what the Lord has put in my heart on this exciting subject.

Conclusively speaking, the power of God is for all believers in Christ. I'm convinced that, as the days of Jesus' return get nearer, God is looking for a useful vessel for Him in this generation like never before in the history (2 Chronicles 16:9). If you desire to be the man or woman being used of Him. please read on this message that can change your life. Your life may never be the same, once you learn that the power of God is available for you today!

It is my earnest prayer that God will use this message to bring a whole new dimension of anointing upon the body of Christ; and to bring victory to those who have been defeated by the forces of darkness; and to bring millions into His presence, where a true and eternal joy for all men and women awaits.


After years of full-time ministry and character shaping experiences, God revealed to me a secret of this simple truth. POWER of God is in the PRESENCE of God, and the presence of God is present to those who pay the PRICES.

"But you will receive POWER when the HOLY SPIRIT comes on you; and you will be my WITNESSES in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)."

This is the last word (will) of Jesus Christ before he went back to heaven after his earthly ministry of thirty three and half years. According to the particular Scripture, we would receive power as a result of the presence of the Holy Spirit coming upon us. Where in the world can we then find the power of God? That is where the presence of the Holy Spirit is! If you happen to be a man or woman who is born again of water and the Spirit, God's power is in His presence that dwells in you.


If you desire to live as a mighty witness for Christ, full of the Holy Spirit and power, it is vitally important that you walk with and in and by the presence of God in your daily life. Since our God is such a gentleman respecting our free wills, we should approve His Lordship over us and welcome His loving presence in all aspects of our lives.

The Bible says in Genesis 5:24, “Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away." The moment you decide to walk in His wonderful presence and under His direction, the flow of God’s power that will enable you to be His mighty witness with signs following (Mark 16:20) can transform your entire being into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). As a result of following this simple yet amazing principle, you will begin to feel God's presence in a way you never dreamed possible. You will realize that He longs to be near you more than you long to be near Him.


However, there are prices to be paid to receive and keep power of Almighty God upon our life.

1. PRICE OF PRAYER: It is essential to pay the price of PRAYER in order to walk in God's presence. The structure of a tabernacle in the 9th chapter of Hebrews symbolizes the pattern of prayer that brings us into the presence of God. The Bible tells us that in order to reach the Holy of Holies, where God's presence dwells, you must pass the Bronze Altar representing prayer of repentance, and the Laver representing prayer of submission, and finally, the equipments in the Holy Place, which represent thanksgiving, praise and worship. Until reaching the Holy of Holies - a stage where you will be clothed with His glory and goodness - it is a process of war against the self! But remember no PRAYER no POWER!

2. PRICE OF PERSON: Many times Christians over-focus on merely one of the millions of characters of Christ, such as the love of Christ, the peace of Christ, and the blessings of God, etc. However, dear friend, how much more do you think we would be touched and blessed if we can pay our full attentions to the PERSON of Jesus Christ who owns all of them, rather than spending our time and energy to grasp just one piece of his personality? That is why our God describes Himself as I am that I am (Exodus 3:14), which simply means that He is whatever you need. And you don't need to seek forgiveness, healing, mercy, grace, or blessings. Jesus is all of those combined. Seek Jesus, not the things you can gain from him! Let your eyes be on Jesus. This will bring you to see that your needs are being met.

3. PRICE OF PIETY: In Numbers 6:1-8, we find a vow of separation of a Nazirite - the anointed servants of God, with whom God has done great works in the history of Israel. Anyone who desires to be used by God should keep himself pure and holy by not touching the other sex besides his/her own spouse, by not touching the glory of God which belongs to God and God alone, and by not touching the gold, the worldly materials besides the blessings of God in his/her life, just as a Nazirite must have kept himself holy by abstaining himself from wine and other fermented drink, by letting no razor be used on his head, and by not going near a dead body. It is the most important thing, I believe, to maintain power of God upon our life by dying to ourselves daily to become a sanctified vessel that can contain God’s richer presence and His greater power, since a great many have fallen not knowing how to pay the price of PIETY.

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