July 3, 2024

[The Lees Update] Newsletter (July 2024)

Dear Friend,

 The last three months have been a special time of sensing God's leading and hearing His voice. During this period, God has exclusively guided Eunice and me toward a new path after 28 years of overseas missions work. Following Africa's significant harvest, Asia is now experiencing a similar movement. From China to India, leaders are emerging, and new churches are being planted continuously. I also recently completed my five-year volunteer role as a board member at Faith Academy, one of the most long-standing Missionary Kid schools in the world. All my board work last year was carried out virtually. Thank God for this technology, which has changed the face of world missions. Your support has empowered these efforts through EAPTC.

After 16 years of service in Kenya/Africa and 11 years in Asia, Eunice and I have spent the past year on furlough in Colorado. This year has brought many unexpected adjustments and changes. After much prayer, consultation, and research, we felt called to strengthen EAPTC’s work Stateside with a new focus: serving as discipleship/missions trainers in the U.S. Alarmingly, 3,500 churches closed in America in 2023, and the Christian population, especially among younger generations including Gen Z, continues to decline. In fact, I just returned from the annual meeting of the American Society of Missiology in South Bend, Indiana, where 200 missiologists and mission organization leaders from around the U.S. expressed their shared concern.

■ We have prayerfully decided to embrace this call at a critical time, as U.S. Christianity and churches face unprecedented challenges. Accordingly, we will be relocating (again) to the Northern Virginia / Washington D.C. area in August, following God's guidance for this new phase of our lives. Eunice and I deeply appreciated your valuable support for the Asia mission through your giving and prayers. We would be grateful for your continued partnership in giving and intercession as we transition into our new U.S. ministry (and life) over the next few years. Here is an introductory video of our upcoming U.S. work.

It can be difficult to perceive the work God is doing in the nations through your companionship with EAPTC. Therefore, we plan to form U.S. missions teams several times a year to visit EAPTC ministry fields in 16 countries. Would you and/or your church be interested? I encourage you to pray about joining me on our next missions trip to Africa (Kenya/Malawi) in October 2024. Please email me for more information.

From Africa to Asia, and now to America, the time is now. Let’s continue to move forward together for God's kingdom and His will on earth.

Together for the nations,
Dr. Paul Lee (& Eunice)