October 9, 2019

[The Lees Update] Newsletter (October 2019)

Dear Friend,

Thanks to your love and prayers that my family returned well after visiting South Korea and United States. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and ministry as we’ve met some of our old-time partners and friends in both countries. In U.S., we had a special moment of helping our son, Timothy, to settle for his new college life. The first bird has flown the nest! Eunice and I thanked God for raising and preparing Timothy for such a time as this that he’s ready to step out into the world to pursue his own God-given dream.

Upon our return to Philippines, I’ve been on the road again for teaching ministries and meetings in various places, from Angeles City to Zamboanga City. In September, we had a prayer retreat with my IGSL mentoring group students. On the top of recharge and refreshment, deep fellowship and interaction were appreciated as there is a new student who joined the group from India this school year.

It was another meaningful and joyous encounter to teach on the missions and to have an opportunity to mentor the students of Ebenezer Bible College, a major training institution for the Christian and Missionary Alliance Philippines. It was timely because most of them were seniors and were seeking God’s directions in their lives in terms of missionary careers. Again, I witnessed that God is willing and looking for those whose hearts are fully committed to following His command to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

I was recently in Vietnam, checking what God has been doing through EAPTC team in T-region for the last one and half years. My team and I met with several discipleship small groups set up throughout the town. There is already a group meeting on Sundays for worship. I had a privilege of licensing and blessing our person-in-charge there together with other brothers to affirm the pastoral call on his life. Please keep praying for the young Vietnam ministry to multiply in the years to come.

Even our C-nation ministry now has a total of four ongoing house church leadership training centers within the nation, all secretively run by our EAPTC counterpart over there. The seeds you and I have sown in the past are not vain at all. The Lord’s name is lifted up in Africa and Asia because of your partnership in the gospel. May his name be glorified and his Kingdom come in all the earth!

Until everyone hears,
Dr. Paul Lee (& Eunice)