April 14, 2016

[EAPTC Update] Newsletter (April 2016)

" ... Every tribe, language, people, and nation." (Rev. 5:9)

This year marks 20 years of our missionary service for the nations. After 16 years in Kenya and 4 years in Korea, my family and I are about to relocate to Manila, Philippines, for our next missionary journey – another faith mission as it always has been. Alongside of Africa, Asia is now in our full radar as the Lord has made it clear for the sequential step of EAPTC International.

A group of mission team and I returned after two weeks of teaching trip in Kenya and Tanzania. We’ve witnessed that the work in 11 nations of Africa has been expanded even farther. More leaders have been trained to plant churches and schools in various regions. In Nairobi, I ministered at a seminar for pastors and church leaders as many of our EAPTC alumni from Kenya and Uganda came to fellowship with us and get equipped with teachings of God’s word. It was a joyous experience for us to see how God has continued to work in Africa after Eunice and I left there.

Thanks to your prayers and supports I made another teaching trip with a team to the C-nation in March. Indigenous team leadership has been now installed out of the first batch of EAPTC Bible training graduates in the nation. Please continue to pray for EAPTC's leadership training ministry in the C-nation where there is vast potential for ongoing multiplication of discipleship. Many missionary strategists foresee the C-nation as the next dark horse of world missionary movement.

In South Korea, 2016 mission training module is set to be on, and I’m to minister there soon. A national team has been prepared to carry on the school of mission ministry on a regular basis. Another graduates of former training modules have been recently sent out as career missionaries to Kurds in Turkey. We’re trusting God to raise up more missionaries in future through the upcoming mission training modules.

Will you join us in changing this world by helping raise up leaders and plant churches in Africa and Asia? EAPTC currently reaches out to over 13 countries of Africa and Asia through leadership training, church planting and children ministry. This work is expected to grow exponentially as we will soon team up with the Campus Crusade for Christ’s International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL) in Philippines, which trains young elite leaders from 20 Asian countries. Prayerfully consider supporting this work with your regular intercessions and financial giving. We trust your investment will not go waste but bear greater fruits in many nations.

Faithfully yours,
Paul Lee, PhD (& Eunice Jaeun)