November 18, 2015

[EAPTC Update] Newsletter (November 2015)

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Peoples on earth will be blessed. " (Gen. 12:3)

The Lord has been opening many more doors for us since the beginning of this year. It seems obvious that the Lord has extended the borders of EAPTC even to Asia now after sixteen years of operation mostly in Africa. EAPTC network of schools and churches are currently at work in 13 nations of Africa and Asia.

Willing to obey God’s voice for this season of our life, we’re preparing for our relocation to Philippines in April 2016 to team up with the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL), a 35-year-old ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International. In regard to our shift to Manila, the work is purely support-raising based (as it always has been) and requires burdensome effort again to raise funds for our living cost and other ministry expenses. What may strain us the most would be the one-time set-up/moving fund, which is to cover the housing rental, car purchase, etc. We’re estimating this cost to be around $15,000. Kindly pray and consider giving towards our relocation expense to minister with IGSL to training needs of 300 elite students coming from 20 different Asian countries for their graduate studies.

From Kenya to South Africa, the Holy Spirit is moving with power all over Africa through our 2,000+ graduates. Asia is also in our full radar, including three new Bible training centers now spread in the C-nation. While the work has been moving secretively due to fluctuating politics of its government in relation to religious freedom, I have seen some progress in our outreach effort to the C-nation. The first batch of the students is now 3/4 through out of the one-year training course, and the multiplication is already on. A number of students already took the same teaching to their churches and groups, and leaders are being replicated through satellite classes set in different regions of the country. Most of them are House Church leaders who do not have an access to formal ministerial training that is recognized by the nation’s ruling communist party. EAPTC is currently equipping over 50 church leaders who represent 4,000-5,000 members under their cares. We’re working with our coworkers on the ground to meet the spiritual and training needs of such vibrant preachers who will in turn cause revivals in House Churches all over the country.

Will you join us in what God is doing to raise up leaders and to plant churches in Africa and Asia with them? In this Thanksgiving and festive season, we hope you will prayerfully consider touching the lives of thousands by helping raise these gospel workers on the mission fields. If you’re interested to partner with EAPTC by finance, you can simply go to the [Donate] button on the left bar of this website and follow the instruction. If you wish to have a support pledge form sent to you, please write us. Also, if you want to join me for a teaching mission trip to Kenya and Tanzania in the coming January 2016, ask for the full information.

Thanks to your prayers and supports, we trust that Africa and Asia are becoming a better place!

Thankfully yours for Christ’s sake,

Dr. Paul Lee (& Eunice Jaeun)
EAPTC International