October 23, 2013

[EAPTC Update] - October 2013

Dear Friend,

"The earth will be filled with … the glory of the Lord (Hab. 2:14)"

On September 21, Somali militants al-Shabab attacked civilians trapped inside the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The tragic event ended with 72 deaths and over 200 people reported to be wounded in a mass shooting. One of our EAPTC Nairobi church members was also injured while working on duty at a department store in the mall. We’re grateful for many of you who expressed genuine concern and interceded with us while hostages were held by gunmen. Please continue to pray for Kenya as she tries to recover as a nation from this painful memory.

Today, the world mission has unprecedentedly become a task of every national churches and believers on earth. Missionaries are being sent out literally from every nation to every nation! Mission strategists have previously noticed that Africa, along with East Asia, would emerge as the key fulcrum for world missions in the 21st century. For this reason, EAPTC has been faithfully training and commissioning preachers and missionaries in Kenya and eight other African nations for the past 17 years. At this moment, over 1,200 graduates of EAPTC’s training centers continue to touch lives and communities with Christ’s love and change them for eternity. And the glory of the Lord is being known in Africa!

Since my family began our furlough in South Korea, the Lord has been doing some unexpected things in regard to that prediction of the 21st-century world missions movement. On top of my PhD work at Oxford Graduate School, I’ve been involved in a church planting work in Seoul. As you may have guessed, I taught and preached to this new church about the world missionary vision. A certain Korean immigrant family in the congregation responded to the message and recently returned to their residential country of C-group, but this time with the missionary vision. For the security matters, I may not be able to share further details, however, they’re now organizing discipleship/mission training centers at various regions for C-group. We’re eagerly expecting to see another multiplication of discipleship flame just as the Lord has inflamed it all over Africa. Please pray for EAPTC to be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit, and pray with us for C-group as the Lord unfolds His plans to penetrate this hub of Asia with the word of the Lord (Acts 19:20).

Actually, C-group has been in my heart for almost a decade indeed ... alongside Africa. It’s because I'm seeing C-group to be a hub for reaching Asia, as Kenya was a hub for Africa. However, I also sense that the spark to bring this movement to full flame in C-group lies rather with Korea. I'm beginning to see why the Lord has brought us again to Korea, even for a short while, after serving abroad for almost 25 years. As the Lord used Kenyans to efficiently take the message to one neighboring country after another in Africa, Koreans should be able to do the same to other neighboring countries of a similar cultural zone including the C-group.

If the Lord gives us Africa, C-group and America, we've got this world pretty much covered with the flame, I perceive. The Lord’s vision keeps marching on. It takes more intercessors and finances to extend missions work to various parts of the world. Please let this vision tree grow deeper and wider to cover the beloved continent of Africa and the rest of our world by continuously grooming it with your prayers and givings.

Running together with you for this call,

Paul Lee (& Eunice Jaeun)
Director, EAPTC