June 18, 2012

[EAPTC Update] – June 2012

Dear Friend,

"I know your deeds, your hard work" (Rev. 2:2)

Greetings in Jesus’ lovely name!

My family has been settling well by now in Seoul. Having been born in the nation of Korea, Eunice and I thought we’d easily adjust back to environments here. Only to realize that we weren’t right about it, our hearts are still in Africa. In the beginning, Tim and Titus used to sob in their room over the feeling that they missed their close friends in Kenya. Besides, most of our supports have been previously drawn from American churches and believers. Having no sending church, supporting church or even believing relatives in Korea made us feel more isolated in the first few weeks. It seemed we couldn’t know where our “home” was any more. We felt like an “international stray.” We were actually experiencing a “reverse culture shock.” However, we have now adjusted well to another new environment by this time, and God has graciously provided our needs in the settling process.

Though we’re physically away from Africa, we’ve been closely communicating with our African indigenous leaders through the means of modern technology. We've been informed by our Malawi director that they just planted another church in Nkoma, southward the capital of Lilongwe. Please pray for the healthy growth of the new church. Churches in Malawi gathered together to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection at Lilongwe church over the Easter weekend. Thanks to your prayers that Burundi Bible training center was officially opened in Gitega on February 20. And our pastors of Kenya churches held a periodical seminar at Nairobi Bible school on March 1-3. God’s work is getting done and His kingdom continually expanded in Africa.

Against such move of God in Africa, threats of terrorist activities by radical Islamists keep targeting churches in the beloved continent. Bombing attacks during church services were reported in Kano, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya on April 29. Your prayers are direly needed for churches in Africa to stand strong at such a time as this.

Even South Sudan is currently suffering from an economic crisis as North Sudan refused the South access to the pipeline running to a Red Sea port through which they export oil. Tough negotiation is still in process. Please pray for the economic restoration of this young nation of South Sudan. Please pray as well for the churches in Juba and Tongthing that have been planted by EAPTC to prevail amid this economic crisis.

For those of you who did not know about it yet, EAPTC is now on Facebook and Twitter. You can also read our previous missions letters on our web pages.

As always, thank you for your continued supports and friendship. Please keep standing with EAPTC as we continue to reach out to the lost souls in Africa and the world. The task is enormous yet reachable through the devoted endeavor of our gospel workers and your generous supports.

Blessings to you and everyone with you is our prayer!

Until Africa and the world hear,
Paul Lee (& Eunice Jaeun)